Clean Freak’s commercial cleaning programs are customized to match your needs and help you focus on what matters most: your business.

Clean Freak adheres to a well-established protocol to ensure that our clients’ spaces consistently benefit from thorough cleaning, with no omissions.

During an initial free consultation with new clients, we gather the information required to customize our protocol to your specific cleaning needs according to your schedule, the particularities of your business environment, and seasonal cleaning needs. Clean Freak offers a complete cleaning package to cover daily tasks, in-depth weekly cleaning, and monthly and seasonal cleaning jobs. We offer day, evening, and night shifts according to your convenience.

Clean Freak teams come fully equipped with all cleaning tools and materials required to make your workspace spotless and squeaky clean. We use bleach and soap to disinfect surfaces and acetic acid and soap for environmentally-safe cleaning and neutralizing calcium during winter months. We also furnish all materials for refilling personal hygiene product dispensers such as hand soap, paper toilet, hand paper towels.

A Complete Cleaning Package

Our cleaning plans typically include a daily clean, every evening, from Monday to Thursday inclusively during which we:

  • Sanitize all high-volume surfaces, including door handles, entrances, light switches;
  • Sanitize keyboards, screens, phones, and other high touch surfaces;
  • Sweep and mop all floors;
  • Vacuum carpets as necessary;
  • Empty wastepaper baskets, trash receptacles, and recycling bins;
  • Maintain cleanliness of glass surfaces;
  • Dust and polish furniture as required;
  • Clean and sanitize lounge areas and kitchenette, including microwave ovens, dishes, surfaces;
  • Clean and sanitize washrooms, toilets, and fixtures;
  • Refill restroom supply dispensers;

On a weekly basis, Clean Freak will use week-ends to do a more thorough clean including:

  • Washing window sills;
  • Washing skirting boards and moldings-;
  • Removing cobwebs;
  • Dusting and washing light fixtures;
  • Vacuuming thoroughly all carpeting;
  • Mopping thoroughly all non-carpeted flooring;
  • Dusting ventilation ducts and filters and fans to reduce the wear and tear on your furnace and improve the quality of the air you are breathing.
  • Attacking the hard-to-reach spots under or behind furniture or office equipment.

When detailing a cleaning plan specific to your particular needs, we include seasonal tasks and have the equipment and experience necessary for:

  • Shampooing carpets;
  • Stripping and waxing floors;
  • Washing windows;

At Clean Freak, we don’t merely clean around things for a superficial appearance of clean. We get down to the nitty-gritty and make sure your workspace is thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.

At Clean Freak, our goal is to ensure that you and your staff come to work in a fresh, clean work environment every single day. We eliminate those small disruptive annoyances in the work environment that detract from the full concentration of your staff. No one needs to worry about dirty coffee cups, contaminated surfaces, or running out of toilet paper. Clean Freak has you covered. At Clean Freak, cleaning is not a burden; we take pride in our work well done.

We work hard to please and to guarantee your satisfaction. Clean Freak aims to be one of the best commercial cleaning businesses in Montreal.

Clean Freak welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with high-quality and reliable service.

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